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Álvaro Leite Siza



  • Collaboration in the first works on Chiado, authored by the Architect Alvaro Siza Vieira.


  • Participation in a student exhibition organized by Cooperativa Árvore, at Cadeia de Relação do Porto.


  • Participation in a student exhibition organized by the Porto University School of Architecture, in the Rivoli Theatre, Porto.


  • Vanzeller House, Afife, built.
  • Internship in the atelier of Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.
  • Collaboration with Architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, in an invitation to tender for the Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland.


  • Participation in a furniture exhibition at the Cooperativa Árvore.


  • Degree in Architecture from FAUP.
  • Participation in a group painting/drawing exhibition at Cooperativa Árvore, Porto


  • Collaboration with Architect Siza Vieira in the project for the Olympic complex for the Palermo 1997 University Games
  • Remodelling and expansion of a house in Grijó, built.
  • Individual exhibition of furniture and paintings, at the Vantag gallery.
  • Project for a beach bar at Praia do Cais, built.


  • Remodelling of an old building in Rua Passos Manuel in Porto, not built.
  • Project: "Estado Novo" Nightclub in Matosinhos, built.


  • Project for the bar "Next", built.
  • Renovation of an apartment in Nevogilde, Porto, built.
  • Restoration of Casa dos Vilares in Alfandega da Fé, district of Bragança, not built.
  • Renovation of the Paço de Gominhães, Caldas de Vizela, under construction.


  • Stage and scenery for Elite Model Look 98, at Coliseu de Lisboa, at the request of RTP (Portuguese National Television), built
  • Project: Party hall at Quinta do Eirado, S. Mamede Infesta, built.
  • Project: Chapel at Quinta do Eirado, S. Mamede Infesta, under construction
  • Project: "Mantra" Nightclub, in Matosinhos, built.
  • Participation in the Competition I.N.H. Inovar na Habitação (Innovation in Housing), Caulinos, Matosinhos.
    Casa Garrett, built.


  • Project: "Don Corleone" Restaurant, in a warehouse in Matosinhos, built.
  • Project: furniture show room and warehouse in Vila Real, under construction.
  • Pedro Ramos Pinto House, Marco de Canavezes, under construction.
  • Gomes da Silva House, Maia, under construction.
  • Tóló House, Mondim de Bastos, under construction.
  • Dieterich House, Galé, Algarve, under construction.


  • Conception of a stage set for RTP Television, for a fashion and art programme,
  • Francisco Ramos Pinto House, Francelos, Vila Nova de Gaia, built.
  • Participation in a group furniture and design exhibition, RONDON PORTO at KUNSTHAL Rotterdam- Museumpark, Rotterdam.
  • Residential complex in Maia, under construction.
  • Honourable Mention in the Mobilis 2000 Competition – 1st International Furniture Design Biennial.
  • José Mégre House, Marco de Canavezes, under construction.
  • Honourable Mention in the Arkial 2000 Award, by Architecti magazine, with the Quinta do Eirado Party hall.


  • Party pavilion in Quinta do Comendador, Trofa, under construction.
  • Leite Faria House, Porto, under construction.
  • Participation in the invitation to tender: International Competition for a New Tomihiro Museum of Shi-Ga, Azuma Village, Japan, published in the magazine POSTBOKS 01 finalist project
  • Project for a Nightclub in Vila do Conde, Polis programme
  • Project for a bar in Vila do Conde, (Café Fractal) Polis programme


  • Participation in a number of architecture documentaries ( Rai Sat Arte )
  • Publication of some works in Italy, Spain, Poland, England and United States.
  • Participation at the 1st International Silver Fair with Coffee Spoon xx/xy


  • Project for the Museological Centre for the Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation, Quinta da Torre- Vila Velha de Ródão, under construction.
  • Exhibition of Architecture sketches at the Raquel Poncé Gallery, Madrid
  • Figueiredo Dias Holiday Home, Castelões de Recezinhos, Penafiel, under construction.


  • Participation in the invitation to tender for the Vale do Côa Art and Archaeology Museum.
  • Project: sports complex for Sport Club do Porto, under construction.


  • Architectural project for an allotment in “Quinta do Bom Sucesso” in Óbidos.
  • Participation in a drawings exhibition “Inéditos 2005, Proyectos expositivos de creación artística actual” at Encendida House, Madrid.
  • Tóló House selected to take part in the São Paulo biennial, Brazil in November 2005.
  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2000 Revista architécti, Portugal. Presentation of the Estado Novo Nightclub in Matosinhos and the Holiday Home in Afife. Page 56.
  • Jan/Fev/Mar 2001 Revista architécti, Portugal. Prémio architécti – Arkial, honourable mention – category: completed works Quinta do Eirado Party hall, in São Mamede Infesta.
  • November 2001 Revista GQ, “Sensual House”, pages 96 and 97.
  • October 2002 Madrid, Espanha Post Books 01 revista de arquitectura y cine, “The International Design Competition for a New Tomihiro Museum of Shi-Ga in Azuma Village”, finalist project. Museum concept sketch, magazine cover. Pages 027, 028 and 029.
  • 2002 Bar and Club Design, Bethan Ryder. England and Hong Kong project for a bar “Next”, 1998.
  • March / April 2003 Portugal J.A., Polis, Vila do Conde. Café Fractal and Nightclub, Parque Atlântico in Vila do Conde
    Page 31
  • 01.2003 ARCHITEKTURA murator “Espaço vivo” “Transformation of a warehouse into a nightclub / bar / restaurant. Matosinhos, Portugal. Pages 80, 81, 82 and 83.
  • June 2003 Madrid, Spain Post Boks 03 revista de arquitectura y cine, “Transformation of a warehouse into a nightclub / bar / restaurant. Matosinhos, Portugal. Pages 028, 029, 030, 031, 032 and 033.
  • PASAJES, Arquitectura y critica magazine nr. 41, Spain: “Transformation of a warehouse into a nightclub / bar / restaurant. Matosinhos, Portugal. Page 18.
  • July 2004 aU – a revista de todos os arquitectos, São Paulo, Brazil. New Forces in Portugal, Transformation of a warehouse into a nightclub / bar / restaurant. Pages 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 and 57.
  • January 2005 Revista Abitare nr.446. Silver coffee spoon xx/xy, design Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira.
  • 2001 Documentary “The Siza Generations”- Odyssey of the Images, within the scope of Porto 2001 - European Capital of Culture
  • 2002 Documentary Playcity – OPORTO. RaiSatArt, Italy “Álvaro Siza, Jr by Paula Oudman and Massimo Villa.

Villas by Álvaro Leite Siza