Souto Moura

He currently works as an architect in the city of Porto.

He is one of the most prestigious Portuguese architects and also one of the most awarded: 1st Prize at the I Ibero-American Biennial (1998), Secil Prize for Architecture - 1st Prize (1992, 2004 and 2011), Pritzker Prize (2011), Wolf Prize Artes (2013), among many others, both in Portugal and abroad - alongside Siza Vieira, with whom she collaborates regularly.
Graduated in Architecture from the Porto School of Fine Arts, he is a frequent presence in several European schools of architecture, as a guest professor, and participates in seminars and conferences in Portugal and abroad. His work has been cited in several renowned publications and exhibitions.

Souto Moura

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1980 - António de Almeida Foundation Award.
1981 - 1st. Prize in the competition for the S.E.C. Cultural Center, Porto.
1982 - 1st. Prize in the contest for the restructuring of Praça Giraldo, Évora.
1984 - Antero Quental Foundation Award.
1986 - 1st. C.I.A.C. Pavilion Competition Prize
1987 - 1st. Prize in the competition for a Hotel, Salzburg.
1990 - 1st. Prize in the "IN / ARCH 1990 for Sicily" competition.

           "Casa das Artes", Cultural Center for S.E.C., Porto.   
1992 - SECIL Prize for Architecture.

           1st. Prize for the construction of the Auditorium and Children's Library of the Porto Municipal Public Library.

1993 - 2nd. Prize in the contest "The Stone in Architecture".

           Secil Architecture Award - Honorable Mention for the Casa de Miramar.

           National Architecture Awards - Honorable Mention for the S.E.C. Cultural Center and Alcanena House.

1994 - Department of Geosciences, University of Aveiro.
1995 - International Stone Award for Architecture for the House in Braga, Verona Fair.
1996 - Annual Prize of the Portuguese Section of the International Association of Art Critics.

           Nominated for the European Architecture Award Pabellón Mies van der Rohe, with the projects:

           Housing Block in Rua do Teatro, Porto.
1998 - Pousada of Santa Maria do Bouro.

           Finalist of the IBERFAD Prize with the Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro.

           1st. I Ibero-American Biennial Award with the Santa Maria do Bouro Inn.

           Person Award.

1999 - Honorable Mention "Pedra na Arquitectura" for the Santa Maria do Bouro Inn Opinion Prize, FAD Awards, Cultural Silo at NorteShopping.
2000 - Courtyard Houses in Matosinhos.

2001 - Heinrich-Tessenow - Medal in Gold Award.
2002 - House of Cinema “Manoel de Oliveira”, Porto
           Finalist at the III Iberoamerican Biennial of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Patio Houses in Matosinhos.
2003 - Honorable Mention “Stone in Architecture” for the Matosinhos Sul Marginal Strip project.

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