Olive trees at BOM SUCESSO Golf Course

Since the construction of Bom Sucesso Golf Course in 2006, Óbidos Portugal, one of the agreements between the architect and the owner was the establishment of centenary olive trees from Alqueva dam, south of Portugal. The largest artificial dam in Europe, was a valley with the most famous Portuguese olive trees.

Before the earth movement of this huge water reservoir every single olive trees were removed and spread throughout Portugal.

1400 units were planted at Bom Sucesso Golf Course over the shaping of the course. We had a success of 98% of tree establishment.
Last year one of our goals, related with optimization of natural resources, were the production of olive oil.

We´ve started the olive reaping in late October with golf course maintenance staff. Over a few weeks we´ve harvested more than a tone of juicy olives.

The local farmers were impressed with the quality of the fruits and one of them made all the process of transformation solely by mechanical means.

Before the stage of choosing the label layout, bottles and the following steps , we’ve send a sample to the Lisbon Agronomic Institute in order to analyze all the legal items as shown bellow:

Parameter Reference value Result
Acidity % ≤ 0.8 0.2
Peróxide index (meq O2/Kg) ≤ 20 6
Espectrofotometric K232 ≤ 2.50 1.44
K270 ≤ 0.22 0.11
∆K ≤ 0.01 0.00

Extra virgin olive oil - Harmonised flavour and aroma...

Following step by step, the label criteria was something with a fusion of nature, olive trees and golf course were a golfer should be included. This was the message send to a special designer who is very friendly with this kind of projects!
After a few tries we’ve chosen this beautiful design.

The story ends with 300 bottles of superior quality extra virgin olive oil.
The target of this product are golfers during check in have the opportunity to buy a souvenir from Bom Sucesso and taste one of the most experiences of an olive oil from centenary olive trees.

Optimizing golf course resources this project never ends. Today is the olives, tomorrow lets create something else...

Products specifically from golf courses can be considered values with economic benefits, considering insistent balance of nature and social activity.

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