Óbidos has a coastline of Sea and Lagoon that surprise the most adventurous and nature lovers. Facing to the Atlantic, Óbidos offers us uncommon diversity scenarios. With a rugged coastline, the cliffs are privileged observation points where we have a very rich sense of the beauty of its beaches of delicate sand.. The Lagoon is one of the largest natural lakes in Europe, extending to the sea with a touch of pleasure and tranquility, further enriching this region, already fruitful in History, Culture and Life.

“In Salir do Porto Dunes it is possible to see an extraordinaire landscape to the “Atlantic road” in direction to Óbidos Lagoon. This lagoon is one of the most beautiful spots of the west coast in Portugal and has a fragile and privileged habitat but it is mostly the seashell fish that gives the importance to the fauna in this area. By the end of the Middle Age, the Lagoon had an extension till the Óbidos Village, but the evolution of the coastline, at a constant mutation, has substantially limited its perimeter. Still, the Lagoon has an appreciable extension and is an exceptional place for various water sports practice, such as: rowing, windsailing and windsurfing.”


Óbidos lagoon