History and Cultural Heritage

In this Region there is many built patrimony worthy being retained. Archaeological sites, historical Castros (old roman castles) or roman settlements conjoin with Arab castles, medieval monasteries and churches, 16th century fortresses, 17th and 18th manor-houses and also an excellent group of examples of Modern Art Architecture.

The numerous buildings in the zone also corroborate Arab presence. Extraordinary examples of this presence are the Castles of Alenquer, Torres Vedras and Óbidos, the last in a special way, as it is an authentic jewel of architecture that has been extremely preserved.

Manuelino, Renascence and Baroque styles
The Manuelino (a typical and exclusive Portuguese style), Renascence and Baroque are styles well represented in the region, mainly in the religious context.

The spectacular tiles, mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries, that decorate Churches and other buildings of the “Oeste” Region are worth withstanding.

“Oeste” also has a generous offer in the area of Painting. It is possible to appreciate, in many different places, the most diverse artistic expressions and painters. Extraordinary Panels of the School of Gregório Lopes, a work done by Josefa d’Óbidos – a 17th century paintress of undeniable value – that also presents her work in many Churches of the region such as the Church of Saint Mary of Óbidos and the Church of Misericórdia in Peniche.

Military Architecture
The present military architecture reflects the strategic importance that the region has always had in the national defense context.