Bom Sucesso Golf Academy

On April 1st. 2009 officially opened the Bom Sucesso Golf Academy.

Stuart Woodman is the Academy Head Professional. He is an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and was made honorary member of the British PGA in 2006. Also has been professional since 1964 and as well as a long career as a Tour Player, he has been deeply involved in golf resort developments around the world.

As a teacher he was one of the leaders in the development of the modern golf swing in the late 1960's and has trained thousands of players from total beginners to legendary tour players.
His success rate in turning young players into tournament professionals is impresive and although he no longer travels to events ouside Portugal, he is still sought out by players looking for a deep knowledge of the golf swing and human body movement and his vast experience.
As well as professional players, Woodman has trained many club professionals to be good teachers, particulary in the USA, Caribbean and Portugal.

One of these is Filipe Gonçalves, PGA of Portugal profissional, who was a pupil of Stuart's as an amateur and then worked at Quinta do Fojo with him, as a professional, for nearly 3 years.
After a year at Vilasol (Algarve), Filipe has linked up with Woodman again, as the Resident Professional of Bom Sucesso Golf Academy.

The aim of the Academy is to build good, solid swings using controlled instruction programmes, where players learn the fundamentals of stance and grip and then build a simple, repeating swing movement which will gradually become more flexive than conscious. Each player will learn a simple swing thought which will trigger an effective movement.
For those having limited time, a quick analysis of the exixting swing, will lead to focus on the key errors, which rather than providing corrective commends, will concentrate on replacing incorrect movements with correct movements, in the chronological sequence in which they occur in the swing. As well as individual coaching, clinics for specific groups-seniors, juniors, ladies, families, companies, schools, etc, will be available.

All lessons will be recorded in writing and/or on film, so that Stuart Woodman, Filipe Gonçalves and any future additional team members, can continue to develop each player along with the same instructional lines, thereby achieving success as quickly as possible and arriving at a swing which becomes more a feeling than a thought.

For further informations:
Bom Sucesso Golf Reception - Tel. 262 965 310
Filipe Gonçalves - Tel.: 96 048 12 74

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